Still not Pad Thai

This time, I knew it wouldn’t be Pad Thai, but I hoped it could be a reasonable estimation.  I found the recipe in a list of ideas for things to do with Ramen.  Ramen Pad Thai – make ramen, add some tamarind and other things, and boom! Pad Thai.

Easy as pie, right?

I mean, I haven’t made pie ever, so maybe…

I decided to use a ramen I got at the Korean market, because why not?  I think this was one of my downfalls, honestly.  The ramen claims to take 4 minutes to cook but manages to be done in only 2.  So, in using ramen noodles to avoid overcooking rice noodles, I still overcooked my noodles.

Other ingredients: egg, tofu, fish sauce, bean sprouts, and tamarind.  I probably also didn’t have everything I needed for the recipe, because I’m good at forgetting things.

Draining the noodles and adding tofu and bean sprouts wasn’t hard.  Knowing how much of the seasoning to use when my seasoning isn’t standard ramen seasoning?  That was hard.

Add egg and tamarind and… eww.


This one didn’t turn out so good.  It was worse than the last try at Pad Thai.  So bad, in fact, that I threw it out and probably just made nachos.

Lesson learned: don’t try to make Pad Thai.  It’s easier just to order delivery.

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  1. Julie says:

    Oh, how many times I have been there.

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