Banana Pancakes. Or Omelet. One of those.

On Thanksgiving, my cousin and I had banana pancakes for breakfast.  We spent the morning singing that Jack Johnson song.

For whatever reason, when I think about these banana pancakes, the song that comes to mind is this thing.  Just replace strawberry with banana.  And more in Jack Johnson style.  I doubt any of you can picture that, but anyways.

According to somebody on Reddit, you can make pancakes from 2 eggs and a mashed banana.  A few other people chimed in with other things that are good to add.  So I set out to make myself an easy, delicious lunch.

2 eggs, one ripe banana, some brown sugar and some cinnamon.  Just mash it all together and go, right?

 Yes!  It actually is that easy!

 I had meant to make 2 pancakes, but something about egg… it spreads.  So I poured it all into the pan like an omelet (is it really spelled like that?)

Banana omelet.  Have I mentioned that I’m not a huge fan of eggs?  My opinion of them is… a little scrambled.

I’ll show myself out.

Though, one thing I know I don’t like is undercooked omelet.  So I flipped it, somehow.  It got a little overcooked.

And then when I flipped it back…

I’m not sure what to think of this, honestly.  It doesn’t look to appetizing does it?

Well, it was delicious.  Almost.  A little too eggy for my tastes, but definitely has potential.  The egg and banana do go together surprisingly well.  Plus, it’s definitely good enough to eat plain (which, IMO, pancakes rarely are).  I think next time I’ll use 1 egg and 1 banana, or add some other fruit to it.

So I say, try it.  You won’t be (too) disappointed!

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