The Almost Curry

Sounds like it could be a band name, eh?

Anyways, I’ve never been a huge fan of curry, but when I found a thread on reddit “How do you make an authentic curry?” I thought… hey… all my friends like curry… so why not try it?

Naturally, being a reddit thread, there were plenty of recipes for curry.  So I listed a bunch of ingredients and we took a trip to the Asian market and found them.  And started cooking.

Admittedly this happened so long ago that I don’t actually remember much of the process or the recipe.  But inevitably we had to chop things up.

Onions, potatoes…


Two notes here – one, I was glad for how many cutting boards I had in my college kitchen.  It meant I could chop a bunch of things up at once.  Two, it’s way easier to cut chicken with kitchen scissors than with a knife.  It is also way harder to wash the scissors than a knife, but probably worth it.

Here is probably where things started to be weird.  The recipes we had called for the same ingredients in different proportions.  So… I think we guessed.

Or something.

Anyways, we probably should have used the entire packet of curry paste.

Also those cinnamon sticks were cool.

Everything gets dumped in a pot and cooked for a while.  Which admittedly seems strange to me because chicken, but the chicken in this picture is clearly not cooked yet.

At this point, we realized that we didn’t have a can opener (I’d loaned it to my clinic team and it was on the other end of campus).  The old school poke a hole in the top of the can type opener worked fine for the coconut milk, but not so much for coconut cream…

This looks curry enough.  Doesn’t it?

I actually ended up loving the curry – the spices were more diluted, and it was overwhelmingly coconutty.

Unfortunately, those people who actually like curry (or at least one of them) were far less impressed.  And I didn’t like it quite enough to want the leftovers…

So I think next time we find a better recipe.

On the bright side, the bottle of wine we’d decided to drink with the occasion just happened to claim to go well with Indian food.

Total coincidence, I swear.  I don’t have the slightest idea how to do wine pairings, but at least that part of the meal worked.  (And, well, the part where I liked it).

But otherwise, I think next time I make curry (if there is a next time), I’ll be sticking to a single recipe.  Maybe if Alton Brown has one…